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  • 6 years 3 days ago
So with 3 of my characters statless i decided to cave in and try the class i usually hate the most. Still do, what a bastard.

Like the priestess, he has both DPS and Heal paths, unlike the priestess, he hurts like hell

His primary stat would seem to be agility by virtue of critical hits. His three current attack skills and auto-attack build off of critical hits.

When his auto attack crits, the target becomes vulnerable to power shot, if power shot crits then the target will take extra damage from phoenix strike, if THAT crits and the target is not dead, Rapid Fire will obliterate it. A critical phoenix into a rapid fire is the highest, quickest burst damage you will find on any character. Even without a crit, those skills combined are murder but have hefty cooldowns, so if you MISS or have your shots blocked, it will be a long time before you'll scare anyone.

His supportive side are a decent single target heal and a powerful single target heal, unless specifically made to do so, these are too expensive to be a reliable main healer, especially combined with the cost of his attacks, you will find yourself out of mana if you try to do both. Each of his heals comes with a heal over time so stopping to heal once is helpful.

-Highest quick burst damage, ranged, can annihilate rear heroes in pvp
-Powerful emergency heals with high crit rate can fully heal a tank
-if you've got the mana, he can play both healer and dps roles at once

-The squishiest hero, even squishier than the Mage
-Most of his skills have cast times
-Besides heals, has no support to offer anyone.
-If his amazing damage combo fails, he may as well act as a healer until the long cooldowns are up, if you have the mana for it.

Hes still a scumbag.
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