Talon as a sidekick

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  • 5 years 11 months ago
Is crazy good, as a healer his heal is almost on par with the priestess but he has more damage, and as a damage dealer he does way more than the mage at 497-607, his skill has the same cast time but a lower cooldown and mana cost with a 46% crit chance! Both characters are geared in +10 dungeon sets too. Havnt tried getting their third skills, whatever they are, but maybe those make up for it.
I always thought he was similar to a character that was on Sacred Seasons 1/2 (Both inactive/defunct).

The way he heals with nature and uses ranged attacks always reminds me of that character on those games.
Talon is realy awesome both as healer and as damage dealer and especially sidekick..

The only reason I regret choosing talon is because I can't have him as my sidekick at the same time.

But outside the gaming advantages, he is a pretty enjoyable character by personality. Nothing beats the pervert rogue... well, maybe only boobies :D
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